Would you like to participate on groundbreaking research of remote controlled robots which can fly, drive and float and they have ability to work for months? If you know something like:

  • Angular 5+
  • Raspberry Pi/Arduino
  • Modelling in CAD software
    So let me know about yourself, world needs you :) secubot@orenic.me

For the enthusiast I offer:

  • getting to know interesting technologies:
    • Angular 6, NodeJS, MongoDB
    • GPS, gyro, accelerometer and navigation in a space
    • visual odometry (detecting trajectory based on image)
    • video streaming
    • controlling robot on long distances in real time
    • process from 3D model to real part of complex device - 3D printing
    • solar charging and testing effectivity of the newest solar panels
    • required HW I’ll buy on my expense
  • possible share of startup’s part
  • in case of investor acquisition interesting salary will be offered - according on the agreement

Blog about project (Slovak articles): http://blog.orenic.me/tag/secubot/
More info about actual state, goals and phases of the project - on demand